To enable students to pursue excellence in the Humanities by providing an organizational structure and an incentive to make the most of their academic opportunities at the Miller School.


As a college preparatory institution, the Miller School of Albemarle aims to “prepare young women and men for a productive, meaningful, and successful life, in college and beyond.” Toward this end, we have created the Humanities Program, which is designed to:

  • give shape and direction to a student’s curricular and cocurricular work;
  • spur rigorous academic productivity;
  • inspire students to engage proactively with their studies, while encouraging them to see their studies as an extension of their own interests and passions;
  • challenge students to maintain momentum in their senior year and to view it as a summative experience of their career at Miller; and
  • award students with a Certificate of Distinction on their diploma.

Our students crave an outlet for high academic achievement as well as a platform for genuine involvement. Students are more enthusiastic and ambitious about their studies when they have a long-term goal to pursue. This has been demonstrated in the success of the Applied Engineering Program. The Humanities Program provides a complementary academic track, affording students who are passionate about Literature, History, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Performing Arts an opportunity to flourish creatively and scholastically. The Humanities Program awards students who apply themselves to and excel in these areas of a classical liberal education. The Certificate of Distinction they can earn on their diploma would be a crowning achievement of their high school career, and it would be highly visible to college admissions committees. More significantly, the Humanities Program would be inherently fulfilling, in that students will have cultivated their own academic growth.

The Humanities Program allows students to accumulate credits toward the Humanities Certificate on a track of their own making. Credit is awarded for curricular work and cocurricular activities. Coursework in the junior and senior years is emphasized, with more weight being given to Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and Senior Seminar options. The amount of curricular credit applied toward the Humanities Certificate is capped; the remainder must be earned through cocurricular activities, so that students round out their studies in ways that emphasize enrichment, participation, and applying themselves. For a Major Certificate, students must engage in a yearlong Capstone Project, which is offered via Senior Seminars or an Independent Study. Capstone Projects proceed according to a detailed scaffolding.