All the World is a Stage


What do Pericles, Nelson Mandela, and Winston Churchill have in common? Each is considered one of the greatest orators in history, and each changed history with his orations. Public speaking is an art that requires precision, excellent points, and, above all else, practice. A successful pubic speaker can earn the trust and respect of an audience.


While the benefits of a successful oration can be felt by the speaker and the audience, the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking has the power to cloud over the joys of delivering a speech to a group. MSA’s public speaking program works to prepare students to be capable and responsible public speakers. With a strong focus on practical skills in speech writing and delivery, the program positions seniors to confidently deliver a Senior Speech to classmates, teachers, and administrators during morning assembly. Furthermore, the speeches are live streamed for anyone who is interested in watching online.


The Senior Speech is the summit of the public speaking curriculum. Additional experiences students have at MSA to prepare include: Poetry Out Loud, Shakespeare Monologues, classroom presentations, Spring Honor Ted Talks, and more.

MSA’s mission is to provide opportunities for discovery and reflection by engaging the minds, hands, and hearts of students. Senior speeches are a pathway for both the speaker and the audience to experience this mission.