Images are a primary form of brand identity. With the increased reliance on images to tell the story and set the mood of a school, MSA must ensure that every image used in any medium is high quality and purposeful. Any image used must be high-resolution and professional in quality. MSA images are divided into three categories: 

  • GRADE A IMAGE: Professional image that can be used for banners on website and marketing campaigns. In general, these photographs should capture the subject engaged in an activity that can be tied back to mission and values of school. Subjects should be wearing clothing that is brand neutral or properly branded MSA.

MSA 24aug2017 JLooney-0196.jpg
MSA 15nov17 JL-0008.jpg

  • GRADE B IMAGE: High-quality image that can be used on website and social media. These images often capture an important moment or are staged for a specific website story. Images are high-resolution and follow general guidelines of a GRADE A.

YR4A6054 (1).jpg

  • GRADE C IMAGE: Lower quality image that should not be used for any purpose other than Smugmug or yearbook collages. This includes low-resolution photos or photos that have been heavily edited using Photoshop or other photo editing software. It also includes black and white images and smartphone photos.