Awards Ceremony


Don’t You Forget About Me! Few will forget this morning’s performance of this 1980’s pop rock classic and the beautiful awards ceremony in the Bull Ring. The annual Miller School of Albemarle Awards Ceremony recognizes student achievement in all areas of the academic program and boarding school life.


Individual citations are written by faculty members to celebrate the accomplishments and character of each recipient. These include subject-area awards, scholarships, and the prestigious Peggy T. Flannagan Award, Louis D. Farina Medal, and Thomas F. Hart Medal. These senior-specific awards are named after long-time MSA teachers who exemplify Samuel Miller’s vision for educating the minds, hands, and hearts of students.


In addition to the awards, the senior class was presented its senior plaque, which will be displayed on Old Main this summer and visited by returning alumni for generations to come.


The morning concluded the same way that the academic year began—the gavel struck the old wooden MSA podium three times signaling the conclusion of another successful year at the Miller School of Albemarle.