The Emperor's New Groove

Story and photos by MSA student, Sam Roach.


Few things bring people together and strengthen friendships like preparing a meal together. That is one reason that the Chinese cooking method hot pot became popular during the Qing Dynasty. It is folklore that the Qianlong Emperor loved it so much that he would eat one for every meal.


MSA students and alumni came together last weekend to cook hot pot and share stories about life on the Hill.  Students used the traditional hot pot cooking method to prepare a wide variety of vegetables and meats. The rich broth and savory meats served as a delicious feast; however, when students think back on the experience, they will remember the memories made as much as the the food devoured.


In addition to current students, MSA alumni joined the meal. MSA alumnus and current University California Davis student, David Yang, remarked: “Hot pot is a gathering where people put different vegetables and spices into a pot to make a broth. It isn’t just the food, it is part of a traditional gathering in China. Here at MSA, it is a celebration of the school’s diverse student body and genuine fellowship on campus.”


The Qianlong Emperor is regarded as one of the most successful and cultured rulers during the Qing dynasty. He valued good leadership, culture, and good meals. MSA students and alumni celebrated a wonderful Chinese cultural tradition last weekend. It was a feast and event that would have made an emperor proud.


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