Mavericks Ace Rocktown CX


The Endurance team took a break from its standard mountain bike and road cycling schedule this past weekend to compete in a cyclocross race in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Cyclocross is a subspecialty in bike racing that combines element of road racing with elements of mountain biking. Riders use bikes that appear from a distance to be road bikes but, when examined closely, have treaded tires and special gearing similar to mountain bikes.


Courses are often muddy and feature sections where riders are forced to dismount and run with their bikes. Overall, these events are high-octane adventures that call on riders to use both fitness and bike-handling skills in order to succeed.


The team competed in the adult categories and rode away with two wins—Ian Williams won the Men’s Category 3/4 event, and Katie Clouse won the Pro 1,2 Women's race.

Check out some of the action in photo journal.