Honor Pricks Me On


In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1, Jack Falstaff delivers a famous catechism (a speech delivered with questions and answers) about honor. He infamously states that honor is merely “a word” and goes on to act dishonorably in the battle.


Fortunately, at MSA students and faculty understand that honor is more than a word. In fact, honor is a cornerstone of life on the Hill. Each year, students are reminded of the importance of honor during a ceremony led by the Honor Committee. After reviewing MSA’s Honor Code, each student signs the school’s Honor Book, which has been inked by students each year for many decades. In doing this, students agree to uphold the school’s Honor Code and conduct themselves honorably at all times.


On September 18 during assembly, students were called up by Honor Board members (see photo below) and signed the book with their classmates and teachers observing.

While Shakespeare’s gregarious character, Jack Falstaff, might not appreciate the importance of honor, MSA Mavericks use it as a guide in their daily life at school and beyond.

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