Returning to the Hill


MSA alumnus, John Wright IV, joins the MSA Board of Trustees. Mr. Wright attended MSA for eight years at a time when the school had both a lower and upper-school program. As a student, he studied under numerous legendary MSA educators, including Lou Farina and Colonel Tom Hart. He also witnessed the filming of two Hollywood motion pictures being filmed on campus—Toy Soldiers and Major Payne.

As a student, he was a leader on the Hill. During his senior year, he served as the Civil Air Patrol Squadron Commander and worked with the maintenance staff on projects to assist maintaining the grounds. These projects often included work that was not glamorous but necessary—waxing floors, shoveling snow, and fixing roof leaks.

Mr. Wright was a multi-sport athlete. He was a member of the cross-country team, wrestling team, and football team. He also played basketball but is quick to point out he spent more time filming games than on the court. Today, Mr. Wright continues to enjoy an active lifestyle including camping with his family and cycling.


Since graduating from MSA, Mr. Wright has had a remarkable career in property management. He is a sterling example of an alumnus who used vocational and leadership experience at MSA to become an astute business owner and manager. His company, Wright Properties, Ltd., manages a large number of commercial properties and provides retail and office space to a wide-variety of companies.

“John Wright IV is a ‘94 graduate of MSA and an experienced manager in facilities management. John also brings eight years of board experience with him as President and Board Member of a large owners association in South Carolina. His expertise in the area of buildings and grounds will be a great asset to our board,” commented Head of School, Mike Drude.

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