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Vivian Zhang was accepted early decision to Wellesley College, the world’s most prestigious liberal arts college for women. Since 1875, Wellesley has remained committed to its mission “to provide an excellent liberal arts education for women who will make a difference in the world.”

Wellesley’s highly selective admissions process seeks young women who match their intelligence and work ethic with a record of making a difference in their community.

Bradley Bodager, MSA’s Director of Institutional Advancement and parent of a Wellesley graduate, was instrumental in guiding Vivian to Wellesley.

“Wellesley College is ranked #3, Best National Liberal Arts College in the United States, by USNews and World Report for 2019; and, knowing Vivian Zhang since the 8th grade at MSA and as her advisor for the 2018 Harvard Model Congress and for the American Academy of Diplomacy international conference, I was pleased to write a special letter of recommendation for her to be considered by this elite institution. In pointing out her many talents, maturity, and social intelligence, I predicted her leadership potential for Wellesley's Madeleine Albright Leadership Institute.  I also noted to the Wellesley College admission committee, that Vivian would be an important connector, future dorm Resident Advisor and future House President.  Under the leadership of Dr. Meagher, the MSA team practiced and facilitated Vivian's on-site Wellesley personal interview and encouraged her to make a second visit during the special Wellesley Weekend, which provided a platform for Vivian to become known to the Wellesley community and demonstrate her many genuine attributes and her outstanding communication skills.  We are all very proud of her accomplishments here and know she will continue to be a remarkable representative of Miller School of Albemarle at Wellesley College as a member of the Class of 2023,” commented Mr. Bodager.

MSA’s Director of College Placement, Hugh Meagher, guided Vivian through the admissions process.

“Vivian has used her high intelligence and superior work ethic nearly every day for the past five years here at Miller and her work has paid off.  Her early decision acceptance to Wellesley College is a testament to not only her academic achievements but also to all of the important student government positions she handles with such grace and competency.  I will miss her smiling face when she leaves us next May,” commented Dr. Meagher.

Wellesley College will enroll a Maverick student, leader, and person next fall. Vivian Zhang has made countless meaningful contributions at Miller School of Albemarle, and she will continue this at Wellesley and in life.

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