Becoming a Tradition


Miller School of Albemarle has a variety of unique traditions. With a 141-year history there has been plenty of time for these traditions to become firmly grounded in our culture and routine. These include things such as only seniors use the master staircase in the foyer during the academic day—underclassman must make the long walk to the north and south staircases to access the third floor. Another is that no one ever steps on the school seal located in the middle of Old Main’s beautiful foyer—even when hurrying to and from classes. These traditions become ingrained in daily life and happen without thinking.

The girls basketball team, affectionately referred to as the Lady Mavs, has made winning State Championships feel like an old MSA tradition over the past half decade. Coach James Braxton has led his team to five straight State Championship titles and is beginning the 2018-19 season with the same goal—to keep the tradition alive.

The Daily Progress visited MSA to tell the story of the Girls Basketball team’s quest for a sixth title.