Student Leadership Recognized by Rotary Club


The Rotary Club of Charlottesville recognized MSA sophomores Ainsley Hanson and Loick Derquenne for their community service and leadership.  In September, both completed the Rotary International Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program.  Following their remarks at the meeting, both were presented the RYLA Leadership Award and Rotary International Certificate of Merit.

Ainsley has participated in the Rotary NewGen Peacebuilder program with over 80 hours of instruction, speaker presentations and project work in conflict and dispute resolution/peace building.  She was the group spokesperson in project planning for consideration of Access and Awareness of Mental Health Resources.  Loick also participated in the Rotary NewGen Peacebuilder program. His group project has considered the current events involving historic and community contexts for re-consideration of public art, public spaces and monuments.

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