Green Up Day


It isn’t every day that students get to ride in the back of pick-up trucks, explore old dump sites, and plant nearly 40 trees on campus. However, once a year at MSA, this is par for the course.


On Wednesday, April 24, all students, faculty, and staff joined together to beautify campus. This included removing trash from an old dumpsite on campus and cleaning up around central campus.

In addition, students planted 37 trees around central campus. The trees were donated by
Grelen Nursery. In addition to providing the trees, Grelen Nursery designed the landscaping vision for tree placement.


This annual clean-up day is a student-run and student-initiated program. MSA juniors, Rheannon Loth and Ainsley Hanson, led the charge this year in the organization of the day. The campus clean-up is the culmination of a year of service for students.


During the academic year, every student participates in a service group. These range from off-campus groups that support local non-profits to on-campus projects. Serving the community is a key component of MSA’s mission and values.