Power of Being Uncomfortable


Zoe Ding shared an important life lesson with her classmates during her Senior Chapel Talk. She explained the power of being uncomfortable and taking risks in school and life. Specifically, Zoe discussed how MSA’s Drama Program has helped her depart from her comfort zone and push herself to discover her talents and abilities as an actress and a person.

Zoe had the opportunity to take on a major role in last fall’s production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

“I recalled what my parents had told me: ‘Keeping yourself uncomfortable is the best way to improve.’ It was true: if I gave up the chance to play Lady Bracknell, I wouldn’t need to challenge myself, and I could have another relaxing Drama season. But, by doing this, I would also never know what I could really do,” commented Zoe.

This fall, Zoe again stepped outside her comfort zone and followed her parents’ advice with yet another major role in a drama production.

"I realized how I had again challenged myself and been successful. I was glad that I had chosen to face this character, which made me feel so uncomfortable, and pushed myself to embrace the role,” commented Zoe.

“I had chosen to make myself uncomfortable, so, in the end, I could feel so comfortable with the results.”