Growing Possibility


The October issue of The Crozet Gazette features Miller School of Albemarle’s current renovation of the original Thomas Edison hydroelectric power house into a hydroponics classroom. This ambitious project is the next step in getting back to MSA’s rich agricultural learning roots.


Excerpt from The Crozet Gazette:

Thomas Edison helped install his self-designed coal-powered dynamos at Miller School of Albemarle back in 1883, only three years after he perfected the technology, making Miller one of the first electrified schools in the country. “The dynamos were converted to hydroelectric power in the 1890s with the construction of a 450,000-gallon reservoir on campus,” said Miller School’s Dean Peter Hufnagel, “and though the plant has not produced electricity since the 1950s, the Edison power house still stands on campus as a reminder of Miller’s past.”

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