The Joy of Ice Cream


MSA's Alumni Association knows one of great joys of being young--eating ice cream in the middle of the day. Each year, the Alumni Association brings this joy to the Hill on a Friday afternoon in the winter. Today, members of the Alumni Association scooped ice cream for current students after lunch. "This is a great tradition that connects MSA's alumni with current students," commented Dawn Kidd, MSA Alumni Coordinator. It's remarkable how easily the conversation flows when ice cream and sprinkles are involved. 


In addition to chatting about which flavor ice cream they prefer, students learn a bit about life at MSA in the past. This year, student-volunteers helped scoop ice cream so that members of the Alumni Association could mingle with the students and teachers. "It was a nice opportunity for the old guard to learn more about the students who call MSA home today," commented Dawn Kidd.   

Thanks to the Alumni Association, students had a bit more sugar-infused energy to get them through Friday afternoon. More importantly, they were energized by the Alumni Association's thoughtfulness and generosity.