Student Leadership

Education encompasses more than just classroom learning. It is our intent to help our young men and women develop their leadership potential and to practice those skills which will guide their success after graduation.  All students at the Miller School of Albemarle have a responsibility to demonstrate good leadership skills at all times, and many students will be chosen to serve the student body in the following leadership positions:

Student Government – The student body elects a Student Government Association PresidentVice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers act as conduits for the exchange of information between the student body and the School Administration. The Student President meets with the Director of Student Life weekly and is called upon at morning assemblies for any announcements that need to be made by the SGA. Each class also elects Class Representatives to represent them in the Student Government. 

Honor Committee – The faculty nominates and selects 8-10 students to serve on the Honor Committee each year.  The Honor Committee is a student/faculty body charged with receiving and evaluating reports from the School Representative of alleged Honor Code offenses.

Discipline Review Board – The faculty nominates and selects 8-10 students to serve on the Discipline Review Board (DRB) each year. The DRB is a joint student/faculty body chosen in the same manner as the Honor Committee. The purpose of the DRB is to determine guilt and/or recommend punishment for serious disciplinary matters which, in the opinion of the Disciplinarian and the School Representative, warrant the imposition of the “severe sanction,” (see Dismissal Offenses, Major Offenses below).

Resident Assistants – Resident Assistants are selected by the dorm directors to help with the daily operation of the dorms. RA responsibilities include (but are not limited to) assisting the dorm directors with the planning and running of dorm activities, assisting the duty team during the week, working with dorm residents on dorm policies and procedures as they transition to dorm life, and acting as a mentor for dorm residents.