Director of Student Life

Mary Baldwin College


Extension 239

Kathie was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA. She is married to Bernie Cason, also known as “Coach.” They each have worked in the public school system for over 25 years. Kathie began her career at Greer Elementary School, where she was the administrative assistant for Principal Fulton Marshall, a Miller School of Albemarle alumnus. Her husband coached football for Albemarle High School for many years. Kathie has run numerous summer camps as well as done training for high schools for the State of Virginia for the Operation Prom/Graduation Project (alcohol/drug free after prom/graduation parties).

Kathie and Bernie have 2 children, one of whom graduated from the Miller School of Albemarle. Kathie is currently serving as Director of Student Life. When she is not spending her time dreaming up creative and fun ideas for student life, she is busy going to music festivals with her husband, watching scary movies, scrapbooking, and scouring the state of Virginia for the perfect spot to build her dream home where she can indulge in her favorite pastime – hanging out with her family.