Honor Code

The Honor Code at the Miller School of Albemarle is clear and direct: I will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor will I tolerate such conduct in others. Because it is our trust in the honorable conduct of each other that helps to bind us together as a community, the Honor Code is foundational to Miller School of Albemarle life.

The Honor Code is administered in large part by an Honor Committee composed of student and faculty members. These individuals serve the School in this vitally important capacity. It is the Honor Committee that conducts hearings with respect to allegations of Honor Code violations. These hearings are conducted in private as an educational and dispositive exercise. At the Miller School of Albemarle, there is no higher student accolade than service as a member of the Honor Committee.

Here’s what some of our students have to say about the honor code:

“Living in an environment with an honor code is a worthwhile experience.  It doesn’t only ensure the trust of our teachers, but the trust of our academic peers as well.  I think it is fair to demand of each student the respect for each other the respect we would give an adult.”

– Andy, Class of 2015

“I love living under the honor code where I know I am safe… it seems there is a domino effect of good things starting from the honor code.  In the end, I think that honor codes are needed in every school.”

– Madison, Class of 2015