Chris Celella
✉︎ ccelella@millerschool.org
☏ 434-823-4805, ext. 256

B.A., Boston University
M.Ed., University of Virginia

Mr. C grew up singing in choirs, playing instruments, and listening to too much music. He cannot remember life without some piece to practice! Mr. C attended Boston University College of Fine Arts as a student of both music performance and music education. A semi-accomplished singer, he has performed at such venues as Symphony Hall (Boston, MA), Woolsey Hall (New Haven, CT), Carnegie Hall (New York), St. Peter’s Cathedral (Vatican City), San Ignatio (Rome), and Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence, Italy).

He moved to Central Virginia in the summer of 2007, finding more places to remain active in the arts. He obtained a M.Ed. from The Curry School at the University of Virginia and is privileged to teach music and drama at the Miller School of Albemarle. He LOVES working with young, talented, and focused high school students. They impress him daily, which is an added benefit!

After graduating with a history degree, Mr. C pursued a career in business administration. Meanwhile, of course, he stayed active in the arts: as music director, actor, and musician.