Carol Smith
Chemistry & Physics
☏ 434-823-4805

Carol Smith joins the  Miller School of Albemarle in August 2019.  She is an Integrative Biology Bachelor of Arts recipient from the University of California Berkeley. Her dedicated interest in African American glaucoma traumas guided her to research at the Oregon Health Science University Medical School where she engaged in biomedical engineering to earn her first Masters degree in Biochemistry and  Molecular Cell biology.

During her graduate studies, Carol contributed to extensive research of glaucoma and Type VI collagen effects on the trabecular meshwork of the human eye under the tutelage of reputable scientists, Dr. Ted Accott and Dr. Mary Kelley.  

Her passion for teaching students, at the university, community college and high school levels, led her to seek and complete her second Masters' degree in the pedagogical refinement of Chemical and Life Sciences from the University of Maryland at College Park. 

Carol is a strong advocate for improving diversity within independent boarding schools and communities across the United States and Internationally.  She is a recipient of the Outstanding Young American award, as well as the recipient of Who's, is Who's Among Students in American Universities & Colleges, which is a globally published list of high achieving college students nominated by the college faculty.

Carol has traveled around the world from Asia to Greece, to Europe, and Africa. She is a native New Yorker and enjoys spending quality time with family on fantastic ocean beaches.   She especially enjoys sharing with students how and why the sciences can provide endless knowledge and discoveries within organic and inorganic matter.