Ana Harrington
English 8 & 10
✉︎ aharrington@millerschool.org
☏ 434-823-4805

Ana is what JMU alumni call a "double duke," having graduated with an undergrad in English and Masters of Arts in Teaching from James Madison University. Her student teaching brought her the chance to teach both rural students in Harrisonburg, and urban kids in the outskirts of Washington, D.C  While attending JMU, she was given the opportunity to study in London for a semester. Living in London produced a love of history, which now permeates her English class as she believes the courses are two sides of the same coin. While in London she took part in a travel writing course, theater criticism course and book to film adaptation course making her quite well-rounded in all things "literature." She uses each of these skills in her classroom daily.

 She uses her travel experiences to cultivate a global classroom, in which students learn empathy for all. Her philosophy encourages student centered learning, along with relevant and real world projects and novels. She believes strongly in student autonomy and teaching students not only English content, but life skills to produce self-aware, reflective citizens.

 As a lover of literature, she says her superpower is being able to choose books that will be made into movies or TV shows before they are even on the radar. This year she will also be coaching JV volleyball at the Miller School.