Dear MSA Alumni & Friends, 

Welcome to Alumni Relations (AR).  The Alumni Relations office seeks to create opportunities for graduates and former students of MSA to interact with the school in a way that is gratifying, both to them and to our current students, faculty, and staff.  Parents of current and former students are also welcome to engage with us.  We also seek to enable graduates to interact with each other, providing them with a platform for socializing and networking with former classmates and friends.  As many of our alumni know, the Miller School of Albemarle was founded by Samuel Miller and opened in 1878 for both girls and boys.   It was then known as the Miller Manual Labor School and trained girls and boys in useful technical skills until the early 1900s.  During the Great Depression, after 1928, the school transitioned to an academy incorporating military arts with a program for boys only until 1994.  After that time, Miller School transitioned back to a co-educational college preparatory school.  Today’s Miller is a microcosm of our larger, global society, and each year we welcome girls and boys in both boarding and day programs.  Our student body consists of approximately 175 students who come from the Commonwealth of Virginia and many other states and from 15 other countries.  40% of our students are female in 2017.  36% of our students receive financial aid.  In addition, we have faculty who have traveled the world for fun, sport, and work.  Many have advanced degrees, and some came to teaching as a second career.  What they offer our student population is a broad and knowledgeable worldview as well as insights into how to be thoughtful citizens at MSA and beyond.  The atmosphere at Miller is one of a very large, extended, and diverse family.  We want to perpetuate that feeling and the benefits of this family beyond the gates of Miller and graduation from MSA.  Welcome and welcome back!

Please let us know how you would like to engage with Miller School.  


Dawn Kidd
Alumni Relations Coordinator



Dawn Kidd
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J. Michael Drude
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Bradley Bodager
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