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Students Need Your Help With Their Business Competition Project


Eisen, André, Caleb and Marta have created a video “product” that they will be entering into the University of Virginia  Business Competition. They have created a method to educate people about cyber security so that they can collect data on how people react to their method.The premise of the competition is how people respond to it. There is a survey portion which will help them figure out what parts of the video work, and what parts were not as successful. Essentially, it is an evaluation of how well they marketed their “product.”

The competition will be held this Friday, March 7th at UVa, where our MSA students will present their project and their findings to the judges. They will also have to take two written tests that will assess their combined knowledge of business and accounting. The team with the highest cumulative score on both tests, and the presentation, will be the winner.

So please take a few minutes to watch this very entertaining short video and then also take the survey as well in order to help these students with their fantastic project.



















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