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Dining at Miller School:  it’s all about BALANCE!

Beginning in fall 2013, Miller School has selected a premiere and regional dining services company, Sage Dining Services,to be our dining partner. Together we will work to provide meals that nourish and entertain us each day.  By using signature recipes and fresh ingredients and providing information to help guide choices, we hope to promote healthy habits while maintaining a popular program.  Our menus incorporate this theme of BALANCE – which is less about “good” foods or “bad” foods and more about moderation and good choices.

SAGE brings the campus community together each day to enjoy wholesome, great-tasting food, with an emphasis on freshness, flavor and seasonality. Our talented chefs custom-design menus to reflect guest preferences and the fresh products available in your community.

Regular Meal Times in the Dining Hall for 2017-2018



mealVegan and vegetarian lifestyles are continuing to gain momentum in 2017. Whether a community member has chosen to forgo animal products for environmental, ethical, health-related, or religious reasons, SAGE makes it easy to choose a delicious, balanced meal.

SAGE Standard: “Offer substantial vegetarian and vegan options.”

SAGE includes at least one vegetarian option daily at The Main Ingredient®. They provide at least two vegetables daily: one fresh, and one steamed with no butter or sauce. They serve one house-made vegetarian soup every day, and a vegan soup at least twice a week. They also offer one grain-based salad, two kinds of fresh-cut fruit, and fresh, house-made hummus every day.

Occasionally Vegitas®, a dedicated vegetarian station with hot and cold vegetarian options, including at least three complete protein dishes containing all nine essential amino acids, is also offered. At least half of those complete protein dishes are vegan. SAGE also provide rice milk, soy milk, and sunflower butter at every meal.

SAGE’s online allergen filter can sort out items containing animal products and byproducts, so it’s easy for our community members to adhere to their chosen diets.

By providing a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, SAGE is also encouraging our students to eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. By modeling a diverse vegetarian and vegan diet rich in legumes, nuts, seeds, soy, and whole grains, they’re making it easier for students to follow their desired eating pattern in a healthy way.

This is just one more way SAGE strives to offer delicious, diverse meals while equipping our community members with the knowledge to make healthy, independent choices.


March: Medieval Cuisine

Educational Seasonings is a monthly program that brings historical, cultural, and culinary topics to life in the dining hall with informational guides, creative displays, taste testing, and hands on preparation. It’s just another way SAGE delights the senses, inspires minds, and fosters community.

This month, we’ll eat like the lords and ladies of the Middle Ages, or settle for paupers’ fare. Foods of the 11th to 15th centuries were similar to foods we eat today.  The real differences lie in how they were prepared—and who could afford to eat them!



sagemobileThe NEW SAGE Dining Services mobile app is here! Get the “Touch of SAGE” mobile app today; it’s FREE and available on Android and iOS systems. View our menu, favorite and recommend menu items, create a custom allergen profile, plan meals, view events, and more! With 50% participation, we could win a fun party in the dining hall – so download it today! Get more information here in our flyer.


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