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Spring Honors a Reliable Hit


One of the best days of the school year at Miller is the day we hold Spring Honors, a day filled with music, art, literature, poetry, scholarship, and appreciation for the talents of our fellows. This year’s event did not disappoint, we enjoyed many poetry and short story readings, view photography and art work, and were serenaded by our talented student musicians. We even got a surprise visit via Skype from Mr. Rob Wyllie who use to teach here, who helped judge one of the categories.

You will find the prize winners listed below. You can view more photos of the event here And listen to one of the musical groups (Piper H-H, James Z., Sharon X., & Sicily H-H) below perform See You Again. Enjoy!




Science Olympiad

3rd Place: Cheku Louis, Kelby Hanson, Michael Everman

2nd Place: Carol Guo, Savanna Shao , Tiffany Xui

1st Place: Amily Chen, Zoe Ding, Vivian Zhang

Iron Grammarian:

Amily Chen


3rd Place: Alexandra McGowan

2nd Place: Graham Hooker

1st Place: Hannah Coles


3rd Place: Madeline Everman

2nd Place: Hannah Coles

1st Place: Katie Howard

Humanities Research

Honorable Mention: Anna Fickley, Tom Sun

3rd Place: Carol Guo

2nd Place: Lucas Mariutti

1st Place: Emily Garcia

Literary Analysis

Honorable Mention: Sophia Evans, Almero Henning

3rd Place: Betsy Fu

2nd Place: Tim Zhao

1st Place: Max Collins


Honorable Mention: Jaylin Reed, Sicily Hawley-Hayes, Hailey Frescoln

3rd Place: Alexandra McGowan

2nd Place: Anna Fickley

1st Place: Rebecca Yao


Kewei Li


Honorable Mention: Sishu Wu

3rd Place: Sherry Chang

2nd Place: Adam Hackenberg

1st Place: Julia Martins


Duet: Piper Hawley-Hayes & Thomas Mariutti

Group: Piper Hawley-Hayes, Sharon Xu, Sicily Hawley-Hayes, James Zhang

Solo: (tie) Brian Wang & Sicily Hawley-Hayes

See You Again (song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth) from Miller School of Albemarle on Vimeo.




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