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Applied Engineering Program

The Applied Engineering Program at Miller School of Albemarle

All students at the Miller School of Albemarle have the opportunity to participate in the Applied Engineering Program. This concentration allows students to explore the many facets of the engineering field. Students take foundational coursework in a diverse curriculum (e.g., Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Design/Build), and they receive relevant hands-on experiences through involvement in a variety of engineering groups, trips, and activities. With a broad offering of over 20 engineering preparatory courses (including 6 AP courses), students in the Applied Engineering Program are well positioned to become successful students in engineering classes at the college level.

The Applied Engineering Program requirements have been established to reward students who take advantage of MSA’s many curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Each student chooses a unique course of study, earning credits toward a goal of 20 total credits to receive the Applied Engineering Program certificate.

Examples of Courses Earning Credit: Examples of Activities Earning Credits: Examples of Field Trips & Events Earning Credits:
• AP Calculus AB or BC
• AP Physics
• AP Chemistry
• Applied Engineering
• Design/Build
• Computer Programming
• Land Management
• Engineering Service Group
• Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Club
• Engineering Team
• FIRST Robotics®
• Charlottesville Maker Faire
• Charlottesville Tech Tour
• Virginia Tech Engineering Presentation
• MSA Science Olympiad
• MSA Engineering Showcase