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Poetic Perspective of a Thought Less Thought Of by Whitney Martin


“Isn’t it ironic . . . we ignore those who adore us, adore those who ignore us, hurt those who love us, and love those who hurt us.”- Ellen Hopkins


Ironic perhaps. Contradicting with the term “good intentions.” How can one be taught family is love and yet unconsciously, hurt them the most with poor decisions commonly known as “mistakes.” Sometimes I ponder why it is so easy to partake in overlooking others feelings and emotions, when in reality we are all we have. Care, love, trust, are the words everyone will one day seek in their lives, no matter how intelligent, beautiful, cunning, strong-willed a person may be. Those three little words can mean so much to an individual, especially an individual like me.

“Love those who hurt us.” Commonly confused with forgiveness. I’ve learned it is not normal to feel betrayed even if there is an apology that follows close after. Love is delicate and loving can be in vain. Love has no boundaries, no names, no faces, it is in some ways anonymous. However, I’ve learned, loving someone that hurts you only prepares you to truly love the ones that will love you in return.

    “Hurt those who love us.” Whether it be accidental or intentional in some way or form you will or have hurt the one you love but, seeing their hurt made you realize how much you are loved. Perhaps it made that bond grow stronger. Somewhere a daughter has made a poor decision that may result in a life long hindrance. This daughter has disappointed her mother, unintentionally. To see her hurt is what made her realize, when she laid her head down at night and her mother said, “I love you.” Those words were not at all mechanical, but real. That girl was also me.

“We adore those who ignore us.” How is it that we can be a fan of someone we’ve never met before? Someone who appears one way on the tv screen but behind closed doors has no morals. Someone we idolize and respect but doesn’t even respect themselves. Why is it we overlook the sturdy foundations that keep us from going under in our day to day lives? Mom, Dad, Grandma, Friend, Counselor. To them you are one of a kind, and to others, one of a million. I’ve wasted my time, blindly pursuing aspects in life which were better left unventured. Turning over rocks which were better left unturned. But if I had only glanced behind, I would have seen the person who gave me the attention and affection I needed. I suppose that what learning is for.

“We ignore those who adore us.” We tend to throw shade upon the ones who want us to shine. We walk away from advice and distance ourselves from people who adore us. However, they wait patiently for us to find our way back because they have faith in our potential. Sometimes it takes an individual to help you back to the people waiting for you with open arms or perhaps an accident that left you lost and with no other options. Either way the ones you ignored in life somehow re-appear as the ones you need the most.

There’s no right or wrong way to love someone and maybe you think my perception of this quote is all wrong. Perhaps you’ve loved someone whom you thought the feeling was mutual. Maybe you’ve had your heart broken thinking in the meantime you were the only one being hurt while in reality, there was someone watching whom you too hurt in the process. Either way it’s a two way street and whether you’re going or coming doesn’t matter. We’ve all headed in one direction or the other throughout our lives. But we never stop travelling, we just become more aware of the other drivers and bystanders.



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