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Ocean of Oneness by Elias Hubbard (3rd Place)


By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Mathew 7:16


This quote has acted as a catalyst for a revolution in not only my philosophy but my spiritual, physical and intellectual expression. I interpret this quote as meaning that an organism exists in a like manner to it’s environment.  That is to say that if one were to describe the actions of a human being, it would be necessary to describe the environment that the human being inhabits.  One cannot for example describe the action of running while leaving out mention of the environment being run on.  

So, there comes this idea that although the environment and its inhabitants are as explicitly different as possible in the case of rational beings with consciousness versus unconscious unintelligible things like rocks. Implicitly, they are the same because you cannot have on without the other and so they constitute a whole.  

This is as a wave in an ocean, the wave is something the ocean is doing much like the grape vine is graping, the ocean is waving, and the earth is peopling.  

What I’ve realized is that everyone is a blossoming of the earth, something the earth is doing. We are as the leaves on a tree born free to express ourselves, disappearing as leaves yet never truly disappearing.  It is out of this regard of the world around me that I have acquired a greater sense of self knowledge.  

Realizing that the world around me is a part of me rather than an external force with which to be in constant contention is a liberating feeling.  This notion of the being something that the universe is doing has allowed feelings of anxiety that are channeled towards things which might cause death to dissipate.

Fear is a product of our imagination; a mechanism that we use in response to a feeling of danger.  While danger can be very real, there is no sense in acting fearful.  What I have come to realize is that one may adapt to whatever obstacle may confront them by accepting the nature of what is.  The overwhelming sense of consciousness as a solitary being is perhaps one of our greatest impediments as a people.  

Imagine what we could all accomplish if we thought of ourselves as all being in essence the same thing.  There would remain peace and love for what is.  Power would be neglected as a shortsighted goal of a narrow-minded consciousness. In our society we often make the acquisition of money the primary pursuit of life.  We often do things we don’t like in order to get money to in turn live a life we don’t like.

However there are those who are examples of living lives that are more meaningful.  My teachers here at Miller.  By no means do they make monetary gain their primary motive of living life.  In no other place have I met individuals that are better examples of selfless living for their own happiness and the common good.  

In my past educational environments, teachers would turn a blind eye to the struggles of a student, at the Miller school teachers make it their business to do good.  Mr. Fickley my honors government teacher this year teaches Alexis de Tocqueveville’s idea that in “serving others you would also serve yourself”.  He teaches not out of the requirement of an educational plan but out of a true desire to impart important life lessons which he is an example of every day.  

At Miller, the idea of being one with the environment could not be more true.  There is a feeling that pervades our conscious attitude which our headmaster Mr. France often tells of: “We work together, we stick together ….”  We as a school have a sense of equanimity when facing difficult times because we know that we have each others’ backs through and through.

If there is one virtue that the Miller school has it is a sense of family.  Our notion of being products of the Miller school is an idea that I wish the we as a human race could embrace universally.  While we may think of this senior dinner as one of the last moments we share together, I urge everyone to rest assured that we will always be together with one another if we embrace the love of one another that comes from being part of the universal oneness, waves in the ocean of life.


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