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Endurance Team hosts Richmond 2015 Meet and Greet


Andrea, Tim, Lee, BenIn the global sport of cycling, no event is more anticipated than the annual World Championships. Unlike stage races like the Tour de France where tactics and strategies slowly develop and play out over multiple days and weeks; the World Championships are single-day, winner-take-all events where whomever crosses the finish line first is crowned best in the world and holds that title for the following 12 months. It is cycling highest honor and one which all elite cyclists strive for.

The race is so coveted that, similar to the Olympics, countries and cities bid for the opportunity to host the event years in advance. A group of organizers in Richmond, Virginia presented an impressive argument as to why central Virginia was worthy of hosting such an event. After months of suspense, the UCI, international cycling’s governing body, announced Richmond had won the bid to host the 2015 Road World Championships!

As the event approaches (September 19-27, 2015 are the exact dates), organizers Lee Kallman and Tim Miller have begun reaching out to communities throughout Virginia to promote the race as well as inform people on how they can be involved. After a day of activities in Charlottesville, the Endurance Team hosted an afternoon ride and evening Meet and Greet. Riders and cycling enthusiasts from around the area gathered in the Endurance Room to hear from both Lee and Tim, as well as local professional riders, Andrea Dvorak and Ben King, who hope to compete in Richmond for the World Championships. Especially attentive during the talks were members of the Endurance Team; many of whom are aiming to be selected to represent their countries in Richmond as well.

It was a great evening with abundant amounts of information presented and ideas exchanged. With the cycling world’s eyes ready to focus on Richmond, VA in 2015, based on the growing momentum and anticipation throughout Virginia, it will truly be a spectacle.  ~ Andy Guptill



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