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Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome to the Miller School of Albemarle website. We appreciate the time you are taking to learn more about our program, to keep up with your child’s activities, or to read the latest news from “the Hill.” In every instance, you will find the Miller School of Albemarle to be an exciting, wonderful school where tradition and history combine with state-of-the-art facilities and innovative programs to produce remarkable outcomes in today’s students.

For prospective students and their families, we invite you to explore the Miller School of Albemarle program and to learn how it centers on each child. While there are many independent schools in the United States, few can match the interest and investment we give to every one of our students. That particular ingredient is a large part of our recipe to help students discover talents and abilities they never knew that they possessed. Our hope is that each student acquires not only the academic knowledge that will make her or him a success in college but also the subtle qualities that make our students caring, confident citizens of the world. Our goal is to help all students achieve more than they might have thought possible before today.

For current students and families, we hope the website enables you to keep abreast of all the great things that happen on campus daily. To witness academic achievement and success in both our classrooms and in national competitions is rewarding, and it validates the good work your children do every day. The many pictures speak loudly about who we are and what we do, especially the fun-filled zany photos that demonstrate how good school can be. We try to keep you aware of our sports successes, including an emphasis not only on results but also on how we play. Winning is wonderful, but sportsmanship is the name of our game. We also try to keep you aware of our Service program with pictures and descriptions of our students in action. Helping others is a way of life at the Miller School of Albemarle, and we celebrate every helping hand our students offer to those in need.

For alumni, past families, and friends of the school, we offer our site both as a way for you to remember the good old days and as a way for you to join in the enthusiasm we have for the current school and our school’s bright future. Miller School of Albemarle has meant many things to several generations of students and their families. From the days where families in need found a welcome refuge for their child who held great promise and realized it at Miller School of Albemarle to those who are now enjoying life at a top university because of all the work they did here, we remind you that the spirit of Samuel Miller’s dream lives on, and it manifests itself in you and in all the things you have done in your life to honor that spirit. Mr. Miller’s vision of starting a school where one’s “Mind, Hands, and Heart” dominate what you learn and achieve embodies the idea that every child can learn and make a meaningful contribution to this world.

So, enjoy your time on our website. We will do all that we can to keep you updated on the latest in our program and our school.


Rick France