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Head of School’s Welcome

Welcome to the Miller School of Albemarle website! I invite you to look around this site and learn more about this truly remarkable school.

While the website is a great way to gain insight on Miller, you can only learn so much from it! I encourage you to visit us in person and come see for yourself the remarkable academic and extracurricular programs Miller offers. I would also love for you to visit with me, so I can hear about what sparks your interest.

When I first arrived on the Hill, I was initially struck by the natural beauty of the campus and the incredible architecture of the buildings. From the bell tower of Caton Hall, to the majestic features of “Old Main”, I got the feeling I was at Hogwarts! Not only are the buildings magnificent, but with 1,600 acres of land, there is plenty of opportunity to explore and appreciate all that the campus has to offer.

I certainly was impressed when I saw Miller’s campus, but once I met the people, I was truly blown away. The care, dedication and love everyone has for this school is absolutely incredible. Miller has a faculty and staff that simply do not know when to quit. Because of their dedication, the possibilities for our students are endless.

It is said that our founder, Samuel Miller, loved those who took advantage of opportunities.  Well, opportunity abounds here at Miller! From interesting and challenging AP courses to the new dual enrollment program with a local college to design-build and programming classes to the extra-curricular opportunities in the arts and athletics, you are sure to find your place here.

We understand and appreciate that every student has different ideas, interests and learning styles. Miller is a place where you can be yourself and learn the way you learn. Our teachers will meet you where you are while our small classes allow us to differentiate instruction. At Miller, we will focus on your strengths, while we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope to see you in person soon on “The Hill!”