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Miller School of Albemarle has expanded its historic woodworking course into a comprehensive wood and metalworking Design/Build program.

In the Design/Build courses, students learn how to use tools, how to think about structures, and how to build things that last. Their projects include many building and design solutions that benefit the entire Miller School of Albemarle community.

Students who are interested in a more traditional woodworking course may also sign up for Woodworking I, II, III, or IV.

The English Department

The goal of the English Department is to develop thoughtful, confident, well-read, and articulate students who are fully prepared for the rigors of the college classroom and a life of intellectual adventure. The best education is dynamic. This is a truth lived out in our classrooms. Vibrant discussions, daily writing, one-on-one mentoring, out-of-the box thinking, passionate teaching – these are some of the hallmarks of our department. (Read more about The English Department)

The History Department

Building “responsible citizens, insightful thinkers, and compassionate individuals” is at the center of the History Department’s curriculum at the Miller School of Albemarle. The classical questions and problems of human society are presented to our students as theirs to solve. And these issues are presented not only to the mind, but to the heart as well.  (Read more about The History Department)

The Foreign Language Department offers instruction in French, Latin, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. All students must complete three credits of foreign language study. While an underlying goal of the Department is to help students develop a greater awareness of the world as a whole, the specific area of concentration is on effective communication skills in the target language, that is, fluency. The traditional skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing encourage students to understand and produce both spoken and written forms of the language, thus permitting them the means to communicate effectively with native speakers.
The Math Department
The Miller School of Albemarle Mathematics Department is committed to providing an effective quality program to prepare students for college mathematics. At all levels in our curriculum, we encourage the students to approach problems algebraically, graphically, numerically, and verbally. Seeing similarities in the ways to represent different situations is a key step toward abstraction. The role of our teachers is to provide rich problems in a climate that supports mathematical thinking and to equip students with the mathematical tools that will allow development of the expertise they need in making mathematical connections across the curriculum. (Read more about The Math Department)
The Science Department

The mission of the Science Department is to develop students’ scientific literacy as well as to provide a sound foundation of knowledge and skills for those students who pursue the study of science in college. Course designs and instructional methodologies are aimed at increasing the students’ awareness of science as a process of discovery as well as a body of knowledge about the natural world. Emphases are placed on developing students’ understanding of the presence of natural processes in daily occurrences and the importance of basic science knowledge and problem-solving abilities as essential parts of the skills and mindsets of educated people.

The Science Department is housed on the first floor of Caton Hall in beautiful, state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms that were renovated in 2009.

Visual and Performing Arts

Art in its various forms plays a vital role in educating the minds, hands, and hearts of Miller School of Albemarle students. Whether on stage, in front of an easel, in the darkroom, behind a table saw, or in a specially designed instrument rehearsal space, MSA students are encouraged to explore the wonders of art and to discover the richness that artistic activity can add to their lives. The Arts curriculum at the Miller School of Albemarle consists of several course offerings available as electives.  Photography, Vocal Performance, and Instrumental Performance are all taught on the newly renovated top floor of Caton Hall, one of Miller’s most historic buildings.  Visual Art courses are held on the upper level of the Canteen Building in a spacious and window-filled studio, fully equipped with a yearbook design studio, a kiln room, and panorama views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (Read more about Visual and Performing Arts)